Yes, We’ll Help You Maintain Healthy Nails

One of the most pampering experiences you can have is when someone else cares for your hands and feet.  Our organic manicures and pedicures are luxurious spa treatments that take your pampering experience to new levels. 

It’s very important that you pay attention to your nail health.  Believe it or not, your nail health can give clues to how well your body is functioning.  Problems with your liver, lungs, and heart can show up in your nails.  In those cases, you’ll want to consult a physician.  

Our manicurists provide more than nail health for your hands and feet.  They are also talented in softening, design and other preferences.  

Here are a few of the most requested services from our Nail Bar:

Classic Manicure

Classic Manicure includes the following steps:  cut, file, cuticle care, massage and polish.

Classic Pedicure

Classic Pedicure includes the following steps:  cut, file, buff, scrub, massage, hot towels, polish. 

Classic Foot Facial 

Classic Foot Facial includes the following steps: cut, file, buff, scrub, oil massage, hot towels, moisturize, hot towels, replenish and repair with Organic Spa mask, hot towels, polish.

Dip w/o Manicure 

Dip w/o Manicure includes the following steps: cut, file, clean cuticles (if necessary), apply dip, clear gel top-coat. 

Herbal Detox Foot Soak

Herbal Detox Foot Soak includes the following steps:  A special Organic Herbal Blend is added to moisturizing water, feet are gently placed in the water to soak, feet are dried.

*This is a very relaxing service after a long day, long week, or just the need of a quick bit of pampering. 

Paraffin Wax (Add-in Service)

Paraffin wax is a heated, luxurious treatment that helps lock moisture into your skin.  It can be requested following a manicure and is usually done before nails are polished, unless the client receives a gel-polish service.   

Paraffin Wax steps includes the following steps:  Hands dipped in heated paraffin wax, then placed in plastic gloves and a warmer, hands sit for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, gloves are removed, paraffin wax is removed, and remaining oil is moisturized into the skin.  

No Manicure Parafin Wax service includes the following steps:  Organic Spa Sugar scrub applied from hands up to mid-arm, moisturize with Organic Spa oil-based lotion, hands are dipped heated paraffin wax, then placed in plastic gloves and a warmer, hands sit for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, gloves are removed, paraffin wax is removed, and remaining oil is moisturized into the skin.  


Since we’ve been washing our hands more frequently to help fight against catching COVID-19, a lot of people are frequently experiencing dry hands and cuticles.  The ingredients for this quick tip may easily be found in your kitchen.  Take about 1-2  tablespoon of olive oil or non-comedogenic coconut oil and heat it a little.  Then while you’re watching tv, simply rub the oil on your cuticles and around your fingers.  This technique will add moisture to your skin, relieve dry, brittle cuticles, and may aid in healthy nail growth. 

At Esthetics by P Brown, we give you pampering at a price you can afford.  Our books are filling up quickly so if you are planning on scheduling an appointment, you’ll want to schedule it soon. 

I hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please feel free to contact us.  We can be reached by phone at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at

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As Always, we look forward to hearing from you…


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Welcome Beautiful, Our mission at Esthetics By P. Brown has always been to provide effective results to our client's most frustrating total body issues. We strive to do this in a relaxing and cozy environment that allows you to relax and be your self while achieving your total body goals. You are the most important part of our business and we thank you for allowing us to pamper and service you. On behalf of the Esthetics By P. Brown family, I'm honored to welcome you.

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