How To Manage Your Acne This Summer

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Depending on where you live, summer came quicker this year than usual.  Some of us were experiencing warmer temps during spring, and by the time summer came, we were almost ready for it to leave.  

Heat can be a factor when you have acne.  If you’re one who sweats a lot during the warmer months, you’ll want to be conscious of the effects of the sweat on your acne.   Sweat doesn’t cause acne, but sometimes people experience an increased buildup of bacteria that lays on the skin when they sweat.  

7 Different Types Of Acne:

There are 7 different types of acne and two different classifications: Non-inflammatory Acne and Inflammatory Acne.

Non-inflammatory Acne (white-heads or black-heads):

  • One of the simplest ones to treat.  Try using a sulfur-based product unless you have Rosacea.  Now, if you think or know that you have Rosacea, I will say – refrain from using sulfur-based products.
  • May be treated with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid.  Salicylic Acid is amazing for darker pigmentation.

If you have non-inflammatory acne, quite honestly, you simply would benefit from a basic facial and some extractions.  Usually with this type of acne – since it is non-inflammatory – it also means it’s not infectious.  The black or white heads can be pulled up and your skin can be trained over time to shed regularly and push any bacteria out.

Inflammatory Acne 

If you have cysts, populus, or thicker puss filled acne – that’s when you may need serious treatments (you may need a chemical peel).  It then depends on what type of acne you have:  bacterial acne, hormonal acne, or fungal acne.  These are all factors that affect your treatment.

The Appearance Of Acne 

  • For the teens, a lot of times, their acne will be bacterial or hormonal.  Most of the time, hormonal bacteria looks (a lot like) “heat bumps.”  
  • For adults, acne will happen right along the jaw line, but for teens it will be all over and it will look like what my grandmother used to call a “heat rash.”

Simple Steps For Those With Acne

  1. Be Proactive – Get Your Hormones Tested.  

Prevention costs less than correction, so go get your hormones tested, regardless of your age.   If you have acne along your jaw as an adult or if you have what you think is a heat rash that you cannot get rid of, go get your hormones tested and make sure you request they test all 13 hormone levels.

2. Have A Culture Done.

If you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, request they do a culture – have the dermatologist look at the acne and make sure what he/she is treating you for – is what you need.

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Changing your canvas one face at a time…


The Ultimate Facial for Your Skin

People visit day spas for various reasons.  When you visit Esthetics by P Brown, our aim is for you to experience pampering at its’ best.  Our foundation for skincare is based off the Lancer model and we have customized our methods to meet the needs of those with ethnic skin because that’s our specialty.  As you entrust us with your skincare needs, we join you (each step of the way) on your skincare journey.

It’s important for you to know that all of our facials start with the Organic Refresh Facial and then clients can add-on as needed.  The Organic Refresh Facial is designed simply to be a maintenance facial – for the clients without hyperpigmentation, or severe acne, or for clients who may have hormonal acne (one or two breakouts during her cycle), and for clients who are just happy with their skin as it is.  The Organic Refresh Facial will hydrate, treat, nourish, and restore your pH levels, it also allows us to assess your skin and ensure you’re using the best products for your skin.   This service usually runs 30 – 45 minutes.   


A facial by an esthetician is one of the best ways to care for your skin.  Here at Esthetics by P Brown, we use a 3 step method that has proven the greatest success for our client’s skin. 

Step 1:  Exfoliate

Exfoliation polishes the skin and removes any debris.  This is an important step because it helps remove dead skin cells thus leaving your skin looking vibrant and hydrated.

Step 2: Cleanse 

Cleansing is the act of gently removing the impurities, so your skin looks and feels healthier.  

Step 3: Hydrate 

One of the biggest threats to the aging process is a lack of hydration to the skin.  Cells can lack the amount of oil they need (dry skin) or the amount of water they need (dehydrated skin), so it causes the cells to struggle to complete the cellular turnover process.  

Now, at Esthetics by P Brown since we focus on ethnic skin care, we take it 3 steps further.  While following those steps we have to ensure that your ingredients nourish and rebuild the skin so that they’re not over-treating or over-stripping, and not rebuilding it back up.  


There are many benefits to a facial, I won’t name them all, but here are a few.  Facials increase circulation, help improve the skins ability to remain hydrated, help fight against free radicals and the aging process and allows for the renewal of skin cells. 


A Reset Facial is an Organic Refresh Facial that is designed for our clients who have traveled somewhere with another eco system.  For example, if you’re from Tennessee and you travel to Arizona or Las Vegas, or California, we’ll do a reset facial and it will reset your pH levels after your trip.  We’ve been seeing that facial needed more and more for people who are skincare junkies, and they’re just out there trying stuff from YouTube and it’s throwing off their pH levels and inflaming their skin, then we’ll reset their levels.  This facial is usually 15-20 minutes.  


The Mini Facial is for people who are on a time-crunch.  You’ll come in, we’ll exfoliate your skin and then do a quick cleanse and hydrate with a moisturizer.  You won’t receive a mask or extractions.  We’re literally looking at removing any buildup, cleansing the skin thoroughly, and hydrating the skin.  This is a 10 minute facial.  


Let’s say you need corrective skincare, you’ll visit the website and hit the button that says, “Book Today” when the services appear, select Facials, then select the Organic Refresh Facial.  From that screen, you should be able to go into add-ons.  That’s where you let us know what your issues are.  Maybe it’s Hyperpigmentation, Acne Breakouts, Milia, or whatever your skin condition is, you’ll want to select the add-on, so we can customize your facial needs.  From there depending on what you select as an issue is how the professional will determine what needs to be applied during the service.

We understand that sometimes, clients aren’t sure of what they need.  Not to worry, we’ll do a consultation before the service and ask the proper questions to make the process flow more smoothly.  In which case you’ll want to go ahead and schedule the Organic Refresh Facial.   

Our Organic Refresh Facials do more than give you a superficial cleanse, they give your skin a deep cleanse and have you leaving the spa radiantly glowing.  Men, this extravagance is not only for women, men benefit heavily from spending time in the facial room.  

I hope this was helpful.  For more information about our services or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to schedule with us on our website:  If you have any questions about skincare, please feel free to call us at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at

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Best Home Skin Care Tips by Skin Type

EBPB orange lips

Often times, what bothers women about their skin are issues that easily cost less than $100 to fix.  Most skin conditions stem from the need of a deep cleansing or a good exfoliation of the first the second layer of the dermis (skin).  That then allows a professional to thin out the stratum corneum.  Afterwards, all that is needed is a great home care routine to balance out the pH levels of her skin.


You’ll want to get a cleanser that has a pH of between 2.5 and 4.3.  Below are my recommendations based on your skin type:

  • Normal skin – you’ll need a mild cleanser.
  • Oily skin– look for a cleanser that contains Salicylic acid. 
  • Dry skin– look for a cleanser that contains a moisturizer or cream base as well as Lactic acid.
  • Combination skin – seek out a mild cleanser with Glycolic acid.
  • Sensitive skin – you need a cream-based cleanser so that it moisturizers your skin but contains no AHA’s.
  • Myelinated skin – you’ll need a cleanser that contains Hybrid Glycolic acid.

EBPB AA Skincare 2


Now let’s address moisturizers for your skin type.  If your skin type is…

  • Normal – you’ll want to look for a creamy moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic acid and Lactic acid.
  • Oily – your moisturizer should be water-based and more of a gel.
  • Dry – look for a cream based moisturizer (shea butter or jojoba oil) with either/and Urea, Lactic acid, Hyaluronic acid.
  • Sensitive + Combination – use a lightweight moisturizer with no acids in it.

Now, if you have acne prone or problematic skin, I would recommend using a toner such as Apple Cider Vinegar.  If you do not have problematic skin I recommend you using a Freshener such as Witch Hazel.  

You also will want to get a facial at least once a month by your aesthetician and that will allow her/him to type your skin and give you the best product recommendations for your skin.  Lastly, if you have more problematic skin your aesthetician can usually correct the problems by using mild to deep acids.

If you need help determining your skin type please feel free to schedule a virtual consultation with me and I will gladly assist you.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your skin care questions or to schedule a virtual consultation.  You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at

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Who Do You Trust?


EBPB p brown 1Who do you trust, with your beauty?

You may not know this, but I have Eczema and Grade 2 acne; my skin doesn’t know what will work for it—any day of the week.  I have to finesse my skin so I don’t look like a snake with pimples.  I have to finesse your skin so you don’t look like a snake with pimples.  All of that takes work and you’ll want to do all that it takes with a professional. 

EBPB Soc Media 2

I don’t let everyone mess with my skin because if you mess it up it’s going to take a 28 day cycle to fix it…and that won’t make me happy.    I need someone who isn’t just calling themselves an expert; I need someone who has a track record.  I need someone who can give me proof.  I need to know that you didn’t just pull pictures off the internet and put them in your social media feed and say “I did that.” 

Can I call the person you helped?

EBPB phone call

What I love about my clients is that if I say to them, “I have someone who had the same issue you have, and (working together) this is how much we accomplished with their skin…”  You can call them.  My clients will talk to anyone about their skincare journey and progress.  I don’t have a single client that would say no… why?  Because, we’re in this together.  They would say, “Porsche, please tell her/him to call me so I can share how this went…so I can share where I was emotionally and where I am now—so I don’t have to beat my face (apply makeup) every morning. 

My clients and I are a tribe – that’s why you hear me say “tribe.”  We are literally a family here and that’s the atmosphere I choose to set everyday so people can relax in our care.

That being said, you will want to select a professional who understands the concept of leading a “tribe.”   You want someone who knows what your pH levels should look like – stable.  Someone who then will design has a clear game plan and will not charge you (extra) for being on an emotional journey. 

EBPB money

Unfortunately in this industry, there are some professionals who know that when your face is not the way you want it – it is emotional.  And emotional consumers will pay for convenience while they are in their emotions.  Some professionals take advantage of emotional clients and charge 3 times what is needed because emotional consumers will pay anything to fix their skin.  Therefore, you need someone with integrity

At Esthetics by P Brown, our philosophy is to help improve the confidence and self-esteem of our clients.  Our goal is to provide affordable skincare so we can extend our reach across the country.  Although I have clients in 48 states and 8 countries, me and my team take the journey with each client-whether you walk into the day spa or reach us through virtual consultations. 

So… please remember that when you pick your professional, you’ll want to find someone who will work—with you—through your journey. 

Again, please feel free to contact us with any of your skin care questions, to schedule a virtual consultation, or to inquire about other services we offer.  You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at

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Also remember, we offer courses once every 3 months – that teach you how to deal with issues such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Hyperpigmentation, so please look at our events page on our Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see our upcoming classes, seminars, and videos.


As always, we look forward to hearing from you…

Ethnic Skin Care Expert – P Brown

ebpb pb 1

My followers are growing so rapidly, I thought I would take a moment to officially re-introduce myself,

I am Porsche Brown, The co-owner of Esthetics by P Brown Day Spa:  A Full Service Green Day Spa conveniently located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am an Ethnic Skin Care Specialist with a passion for problematic skin.

ebpb pb issue 1

That being said, most of my clients come to me because they have darker face patches or darker skin tones, or maybe someone down their ancestral lineage had some issues that are affecting them.  I also attract clients who need help fixing hyperpigmentation, eczema, rosacea, skin breakouts or issues of that nature.

Other clients I attract, are those who have visited a dermatologist who was not able to fully address their problem or the clients were not pleased with the dermatologists’ results.  I am very much known for the concept, “when the conventional does not work – try the unconventional.”

Does it matter where I live? NO – I have clients in 7 countries, and 47 states.

ebpb pb globeI love all of you and appreciate all of you … I call you “My Tribe.”  I do virtual consultations for those who are not able to physically make it into the Day Spa.  The virtual consultations allow me to see (for myself) what is going on with your skin.

If you have time, please watch my “Chemical Peel” video on You Tube then you will understand that this journey is a personal one for me.  I personally have Eczema and Grade 2 acne.  When most people see me either personally or virtually, they cannot see my skin issues.  Why?  Because I am very religious with my skin care routine … I baby my skin and I do not let just anyone put just anything on it.

What other services does the Day Spa offer?

ebpb pb dayspa 1

Esthetics by P Brown is a Full Service Green Day Spa.  We offer an array of services from Facials, Eye Lashes, Body Contouring, Massages, Acupuncture, Manicures, Pedicures, Cosmetology services, along with an Infrared Sauna that seats two…for your comfort.

For a full list of all of our services, please visit our website at  As many of you know, I also have my own skin care product line loaded with high quality organic products to ensure that you receive the absolute best care from my professional team and I.

Now … I hope I helped you understand the basics of who we are and how we will help you.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any of your skin care questions.  You may reach us on any of the social media venues below or by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at

ebpb pb soc med

Also remember, we offer courses once every 3 months – that teach you how to deal with issues such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Hyperpigmentation, so please look at our events page on our Facebook and follow us on Instagram to see our upcoming classes and seminars.


Again, Welcome to “My Tribe.”  We look forward to hearing from you