How To Manage Your Acne This Summer

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Depending on where you live, summer came quicker this year than usual.  Some of us were experiencing warmer temps during spring, and by the time summer came, we were almost ready for it to leave.  

Heat can be a factor when you have acne.  If you’re one who sweats a lot during the warmer months, you’ll want to be conscious of the effects of the sweat on your acne.   Sweat doesn’t cause acne, but sometimes people experience an increased buildup of bacteria that lays on the skin when they sweat.  

7 Different Types Of Acne:

There are 7 different types of acne and two different classifications: Non-inflammatory Acne and Inflammatory Acne.

Non-inflammatory Acne (white-heads or black-heads):

  • One of the simplest ones to treat.  Try using a sulfur-based product unless you have Rosacea.  Now, if you think or know that you have Rosacea, I will say – refrain from using sulfur-based products.
  • May be treated with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid.  Salicylic Acid is amazing for darker pigmentation.

If you have non-inflammatory acne, quite honestly, you simply would benefit from a basic facial and some extractions.  Usually with this type of acne – since it is non-inflammatory – it also means it’s not infectious.  The black or white heads can be pulled up and your skin can be trained over time to shed regularly and push any bacteria out.

Inflammatory Acne 

If you have cysts, populus, or thicker puss filled acne – that’s when you may need serious treatments (you may need a chemical peel).  It then depends on what type of acne you have:  bacterial acne, hormonal acne, or fungal acne.  These are all factors that affect your treatment.

The Appearance Of Acne 

  • For the teens, a lot of times, their acne will be bacterial or hormonal.  Most of the time, hormonal bacteria looks (a lot like) “heat bumps.”  
  • For adults, acne will happen right along the jaw line, but for teens it will be all over and it will look like what my grandmother used to call a “heat rash.”

Simple Steps For Those With Acne

  1. Be Proactive – Get Your Hormones Tested.  

Prevention costs less than correction, so go get your hormones tested, regardless of your age.   If you have acne along your jaw as an adult or if you have what you think is a heat rash that you cannot get rid of, go get your hormones tested and make sure you request they test all 13 hormone levels.

2. Have A Culture Done.

If you schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, request they do a culture – have the dermatologist look at the acne and make sure what he/she is treating you for – is what you need.

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Help! My Hidradenitis Suppurativa Has Flared Up

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I received this question on my social media and thought I’d share in case anyone else has questions.


Hey Porsche, are you familiar with HS?  I’ve been battling with this for more than 15 years and I just deal with it.  Right now my flare ups have calmed down, but I’m always looking for ways to manage it when it flares up.  

Also, Are there any non-invasive treatment options that you are aware of?

ANSWER: Yes, I’m familiar with HS.  I have treated this condition over 100 times in the last four years. 

What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

For those who are not familiar with it, Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a chronic or long-lasting inflammatory skin condition and there’s no known cause, but the immune system is believed to play a role in the diagnosis.  

When people have HS, their bodies produce too many inflammatory proteins, including TNF-alpha. This imbalance leads to increased inflammation throughout the body and affects the deep layers of your skin, causing pressure.

When HS starts, you may begin to notice small bumps under your skin that seem to be the size of a pea or marble. These bumps usually start to develop in areas where skin rubs together (underarms, bikini area, creases in the stomach area, inner thigh, buttocks), where you have hair, and where sweat glands are located.

Some Non-Invasive Treatments for HS:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Cavi-Lipo 
  • Infrared Sauna 
  • Waxing instead of shaving
  • 6-8oz of Our Hormone Balance Tea in the AM/PM

In my experience when we put our clients on a hormone balancing tea, an anti-inflammatory diet, and in the beginning we utilized the treatments above and it significantly reduced their flareups and started to open drainage entirely.

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How To Reduce Muscle Soreness And Swelling With Lymphatic Massage

What is a Lymphatic Massage?

A Lymphatic Massage is a light pressure massage where the therapist manipulates the tissues to allow the lymph fluids to drain more freely.  

Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic Massage may have a favorable effect on your health as the lymphatic system helps improve circulation.  When your lymphatic system is efficient it may reduce muscle soreness and weakness and decrease swelling.

Additional benefits to Lymphatic Drainage:

  • It can help your body fight infection.
  • It can help with reducing inflammation.
  • It can helps with edema.
  • Shows positive results in reducing Fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • Shows positive results in reducing bloating, constipation, and digestive problems.

What are the effects of massage on the lymphatic system?

During a massage, lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymphatic system and increases lymph flow which improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system. 

Does lymphatic drainage massage work for weight loss?

Lymphatic massage may not directly produce permanent weight loss (results) it may however help with:

  • Eliminating excess body weight  
  • Ridding your body of waste that it naturally produces 
  • Aid in boosting your metabolism.     

3 Services to Help Boost Your Results:

  1. Cavitation Liposuction
  2. 30 minute Sauna Treatments
  3. Detox Body Wrap

Our Lymphatic Massage is found in Our Post Opt Treatments:  

Post-Liposuction Lymphatic Massage + Post-Lipo Wound Care

DISCLAIMER: This is not a service for you if you have been diagnosed with Congested Heart Failure, Blood Clots, Kidney Problems, infections or circulation problems.  Not all spa therapists are qualified to provide this service.  Esthetics by P Brown has been designated as an Essential Business through the State of Tennessee because P. Brown is a registered nurse and therefore provides some Post-Operational Services for clients from hospitals and doctors.   

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4 Easy Tips: Face Masks


EBPB Lemon 1

The question below was sent to me on one of my social media sites.  I’m sharing my response to help anyone who may be curious.   

Question:  How often should I use a facial mask? 

First let me say facial masks are used for a variety of purposes.  They can be used for hydrating, moisturizing, and restoring pH balance, to name a few.  My answer to this question is that it depends on the purpose of the mask. 

If you are seeking to reduce any of the concerns below, here are some suggestions that may easily be found in your kitchen.


Try honey and baking soda. The baking soda will balance pH levels and the honey will act as an anti-inflammatory.  Use this mask once a week and then build up to twice a week as needed.


Try turmeric and honey. Honey is good for anything inflamed including Rosacea and Eczema.  Honey is an anti-bacterial agent that has calming and healing properties.  Use this mask 1-3 nights a week as needed.


I would not suggest using a mask. Add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to your cleanser.   The brown sugar will dissolve as you massage it into your skin reducing any microscopic cuts in the skin.  Do this no more than twice a week.


EBPB Lemon 1


Try lemon juice, powdered milk (lactic acid) and honey. Only use this once a week then give your skin time to recuperate due to the high acidity of the mask.


I caution you to only keep the masks on for 15 – 20 minutes.  Anything left on your skin more than 20 minutes may trigger a chemical reaction such as peeling, burning, or redness.  Then you will need to come to see me or schedule a virtual consultation for further assistance.

If you need help with any (thing) discussed above like specific measuring for recipes or you need help determining your skin type, please feel free to schedule a virtual consultation with me and I will gladly assist you.

ebpb pb soc med


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