Boss Lady Brunch “A Seat at the Table” Recap

Prominence, prestige, and power exuded from these three Boss Ladies and we had them completely to ourselves.  If you missed the Boss Lady Brunch, “A Seat at the Table,” you definitely missed out.  

The event started with us mingling around the appetizers and talking amongst ourselves—taking time to meet all of the attendees.  We were then strategically “Seated at the Table” with a business mogul where we learned insider secrets and how we could benefit from applying the secrets.  The meal was deliciously catered by “Simply Mellow,” you may be familiar with Simply Mellow, she’s most famous for her tantalizing preserves.  

Our moderator was the beautiful Kris Osborne, you may know her as Fairy Lash Mother on Instagram.   She contributed to the questions the ladies in the audience posed to the panel.  Many nuggets were shared from these dominators along with practical applicable steps.  It was obvious by the input and advice the panel shared, these ladies had been running their businesses for years and while they experienced their own bumps in the road, they successfully landed on their feet.  

The event was hosted by Molded from Clay Life Ministry, a 501c3 non-profit organization geared towards creating opportunities in the community for young girls, women and female veterans.  Their mission is to empower, develop self-appreciation, and self-esteem, while enhancing young girls, women and female veterans lives, academics and career skills.   



Danielle McGee owns Black Business Boom and has been a business owner and working in the community for many years.  Black Business Boom is a movement dedicated to driving customers and revenue to small Black owned businesses by offering coupons on their web-based platform (similar to Groupon for Black Businesses). You may have seen her out networking in the community as she also leads the Facebook Group Black People Making Moves which is a closed group that allows the black community to come together and discuss topics in Nashville.  Through the Facebook group, you learn about events, ways to support the black owned businesses, and discuss issues that affect the black community.  Danielle shared some valuable information on how we build our brands, how to better assess our skills and how to work with our strengths.


SheKia Renea has built a following on social media that is phenomenal.  Currently with 283,000 you tube followers; she’s leveraged it and is building an empire that allows her the free time to effectively be a full-time mom.  She is a Brand Mogul and a Realtor in her spare time.  And she was giving out tips and tricks with social media and building your brand and attracting your audience.  She was very transparent and educated us on the power of transparency, while encouraging us and showing us how to build transparency into our brand.   


And of course, our own, Porsche Bailey-Brown co-owns Esthetics by P Brown.  She is a multi-talented professional who co-owns the only black-owned full-service day spa in Nashville.  This Ethnic Skincare Expert has clients in 5 countries and 49 states, her business is debt-free and continues to grow.  Her rapid growth allows her to also be a portal as she rents shared office spaces for upcoming businesses to flourish and she runs an Incubation Center that provides necessary resources and training for start-up businesses to help them develop efficiently.  Porsche taught us how to reach our clientele, refine our target market, and asked questions that made us think about our role and purpose in the business arena.  


If you were not in attendance at the Boss Lady Brunch, January 2020, then you truly missed out.  However, there is rumor, in this flourishing season, you may have another chance to partake on some of the wisdom shared to take your business to the next level.  For that information, you will need to follow Esthetics by P Brown social media for all details.   Make sure you attend the next event, it’ll be worth every dollar!

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Written by Elegant Scribbler


3 Business Secrets for 2019


EBPB CS her.

Welcome to 2019!  As this new year officially rolls in, I invite you to join us on this New Year (New You) journey.   We’re embarking on some exciting new adventures, covering some new topics, and as always, answering your new and most challenging  skincare questions.

I’m beginning this year a little different, I’m starting by sharing one of my most treasured secrets.  Everybody loves secrets… Right?  Well, whether you’re a business owner or planning to start a new venture, or if you’re simply a customer—this blog post is for you.  It’s especially meant for those who frequent certain establishments to help you think about where you spend your money.

Quite honestly, I usually reserve this secret solely for those enrolled in my Mentoring Program, but today, I’m sharing it with all of you.

These are 3 simple secrets/acts for maintaining loyal customers:

EBPB CS smile

  1. A smile goes a long way!

All of my clients know that when they walk  through the door at Esthetics by P Brown,    they are greeted with “Hello Beautiful” or    “Hello Gorgeous.”  Those words are          powerful and help my clients relax and remember that they are beautiful and special.


EBPB listening best

2.  Practice listening skills.

There’s a clear difference between listening and hearing.    As “busy bodies” we think we’re skilled at multi-tasking and as many of us know, it’s often in the midst of our multi-tasking, that someone wants to talk with us.  Instead of scheduling a time for the conversation, what do we do?  We allow them to talk without missing a step in our busy day.  And while we may hear them, we aren’t fully listening.   With my customers, I view their time as sacred- it’s their time alone with me.  In those private moments, I hear them, I validate them and I am available for them – in the capacity that they need me (in that space – in that time).

EBPB CS kind

3. Be kind to others.

You want to speak kindly to your customers.  Try not to let your customers feel a loss of dignity or respect as you communicate with them.    Otherwise, instead of growing in clients, you’ll lose them quickly.  Think about this…For every one negative review that walks out of your door, it is being shared with about 10 people.   So be mindful of how you treat your customers or how as a customer, people treat you,

When I hear my clients make statements like, “Porsche, I’ve been with you 5 years…”  It’s a humbling experience and it puts a smile on my face every – single – time.  That’s the type of clientele I want you to strive to maintain.  Or if you are not someone starting a business, but simply a customer – I inspire you to seek out establishments that treat you like they feel honored by your support.  Where ever you fall in the category, remember these simple tips, and I hope they enhance your experiences.

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