Honeycomb Soap: Your Full-Body Moisturizing System

Esthetics by P Brown Honeycomb Soap

Spring has arrived and we’re introducing our newest addition to the “hydrating” soap line – our Honeycomb Soap.  This soap is so refreshing, it will change your bathing routine.  After using with this soap all you’ll feel is hydrated, moisturized skin.  

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We cannot narrow down the benefits to just one purpose for this Honeycomb soap.  As I was creating this soap, I thought I needed a product that could benefit the masses without my skincare clients having to come in and see me.  With that being said, I questioned the most common issues our clients deal with, how we could meet those needs in a soap and a recipe that was not just for the yoni area.  I created a solution; this soap is perfectly formulated and pH balanced for the entire body.

Since we have a larger ethnic skincare clientele, I started by reviewing the acids that would aid in exfoliation.  There are 2 types of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical.  Mechanical exfoliation requires a tool to remove dead skin cells.  On the other hand, a chemical exfoliation example is your St Ives scrub, and your apricot seeds, which you can find in some of our other soaps.  

Chemical means an enzyme or acid that uses a chemical reaction to break down the skin cells.  This is important whether you’re dealing with darkness under your arms or hyperpigmentation and darkness in the vaginal area, knees, or back of the neck.   There are so many areas, especially with clients who have eczema and rosacea, because the main problem if you have eczema and rosacea is that your cellular turnover has slowed down to a crawl.   My job as your Ethnic Skincare Specialist, is to retrain and reboost your skin and get it working at its optimal level.  

Side Bar: No one is born with a slow/sluggish cellular turnover.  Usually somewhere between childhood (because parents don’t always know) and young adulthood, your behaviors damage the skin cells, to the point where that turnover cycle has slowed down as the body’s way to protect itself.  And now, you have layers upon layers, upon layers of dead skin.  

So, the Honeycomb Soap comes in and uses the Mandelic Acid and use the Ferulic Acid which is great with managing hormones, promoting collagen production, contains anti-aging properties and will slowly dissolve the buildup of dead skin cells.  However, while its doing that if you saw our Instagram Stories you saw the hydration dripping.  Hydration was dripping with an MCT Rose Oil blend that has a little bit of 24k gold inside, so it’s demineralizing the skin as well. The Mct Oil at its base is a metabolizer, as well as an oil, so you’re getting double the exfoliation.  Mct Oil is so strong that if you pour mct oil into a styro-foam cup, it metabolizes to the point that eventually it will eat through the bottom of the cup.  On your skin, Mct Oil has two purposes: it hydrates your skin and it dissolves bacteria breakup on the skin.   

This soap can be used on your entire body.  If you want to receive these benefits, go to our website and order your Honeycomb Soap today!

For more information about our Honeycomb Soap or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to schedule with us on our website: www.estheticsbypbrown.com.  If you have any questions about skincare, please feel free to call us at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at admin@estheticsbypbrown.com

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Our Natural Hair Experts Have Hair Growing Hands

Black women have a serious relationship with their hair and everyone knows it, especially the beauty industry.  If you are looking for a stylist who will help your hair grow, you’ve clicked on the right page.  Our stylists are seasoned experts who have been specializing in natural hair  for more than 20 years.  When you or your child’s hair is in our hands, you’re cared for with professionalism, tenderness and ease.  

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with our master stylist so she can become acquainted with you and your needs.  You’ll be asked questions about your routine, the products you use on your hair, any allergies, among other questions that will allow you and the stylist to discuss the services that will be the greatest benefit on the journey to healthy hair.  During the consultation, the stylist will examine your hair to determine its porosity  (how well your hair holds and absorbs moisture).  She’ll look at your ends, your edges, the condition of your scalp and the general condition of your hair.  

Caring for your Tresses 

Our procedures are the same when it comes to the first steps in the process of cleansing and conditioning your hair.  A moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner are used, especially when your hair is dry.  Additionally, oils such as avocado, coconut, hemp, or olive may be added to the products to help increase moisture.  

Side note: The oils we use contain moisturizing properties that you may also find in your kitchen.  The oils include avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.  One of the benefits of these oils is that they can penetrate the hair shaft while adding shine.  These oils in particular help soften dry or brittle hair.  

Collagen Treatment with Steam

When our stylist notices your hair is extremely dry and brittle, she’ll offer a Collagen Treatment with Steam.  Dry collagen and (avocado, coconut, hemp, or olive) oil are added to moisturizing shampoo and then massaged into your hair.  You then are seated under a steam dryer.  The moist heat from the steam dryer opens the hair follicles and pores in the scalp.  This helps your hair and scalp absorb the moisture.   

After your hair has been cleansed and moisturized, a Heat protectant and leave-in conditioner are applied to the hair.  These products are used on the hair during the blow drying process to build a secure barrierbetween your hair strands and the high heat and adds protection for your hair during the blow-drying process.  

Here are a few of our popular services from our Natural Hair Bar:

Shampoo /Natural Braid Style with Extensions  & Shampoo / Natural Braid Style without Extensions

These services include thorough shampooing, conditioning, blow drying, and braiding to the desired Braid style.

Flat Twist with Shampoo

This service includes, shampooing, conditioning, and then products are added to the hair  that helps moisturize and define the curls  for when the client unravels the twists.  A flat twist is similar to cornrows, two strands of hair are twisted and attached to the scalp.  Generally clients wear the look as a style until they choose to take them down and wear their hair in the Twist -out style.  Drying doesn’t have to occur with this option, most of the time clients prefer to air dry.

Hydration Scalp Facial No Style

Just like you may receive a facial from your esthetician, the process is the same for your hair and scalp.  The stylist begins by rinsing the hair and then applying a shampoo, she rinses and then applies a different shampoo.  Afterwards is the exfoliation which she does mechanically.  She uses a small brush and goes all the way around the scalp, the perimeter of the hairline insuring the scalp is clean.  Moisturizing is the next step for which a hair mask is put on your tresses.  The mask remains on for 15  – 20 minutes.  The mask is rinsed and a moisturizing conditioner is applied to the hair, it will help seal in the moisture, then oil is added for the finishing touch.   

This is a separate service and can be added to any style service.  

Shampoo & Silk Press

This is a style that gives natural hair the appearance of being relaxed.  It’s an updated version of the 90’s term “Press & Curl.”   It no longer includes a straightening comb on the stove in the kitchen to straighten the tresses.  

This procedure requires us to make sure your hair porosity is healthy enough to be flat ironed because we have to make sure your hair is strong enough to handle the heat.  Of course many products are applied to the hair before the flat iron to maintain healthy hair.   

The first step is to shampoo the hair and ensure the tresses are clean.  They are then moisturized with conditioner, rinsed, and blow dried.  Once the tresses are clean, conditioned, moisturized, and completely dry, she uses the flat iron to straighten the hair.  

Crochet Custom Style

The procedure for this style starts with shampooing, a moisturizing conditioner is applied, the hair is then blow dried, braided to the scalp, and then crochet hair is installed.  For this style, clients provide (bring) the hair they want crocheted.   

Blow Out Style Only

The procedure for this style starts with shampooing and conditioning the hair.  A heat protectant is added when the stylist blows out the hair usually with a comb attachment.  This process stretches the coils so you can actually see your length.  Many seek this style in the winter when the humidity is low.

I hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions regarding natural hair or skincare please feel free to contact us.  We can be reached by phone at (615) 884 – 6744 or email us at estheticsbypbrown@yahoo.com.

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3 Secrets to Flawless Skin This Fall

As you’ve probably noticed, Fall has officially arrived.  If you look outside, you’ll see the leaves are starting to change colors and in some places, leaves are already falling off the trees.  I love fall, it’s during this season that I get to exchange my summer clothes for boots and cardigans.

Another transition I make during the change of seasons is with my skincare products.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I’ve got some new bars of soap that we can’t seem to keep on the shelves.  I’ll add the link below for you to learn more about our new soaps.  

Since the season has changed, there’s no reason for your skin to lose its luster and glow.  Below are 3 secrets to keep your skin looking moisturized and healthy this Fall.

These 3 Tips Will Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless During Seasonal Change


Cleansers don’t come in One Size Fits All (Seasons).  People like to tell you they do, especially if you are purchasing over the counter (OTC) products because that’s how those companies make their money.  However, when you purchase professional skincare products, they have smaller molecules so they’re better able to penetrate the skin and give you the best results.

The reason you come to a skincare specialist like me, is so I can examine your skin during a facial, determine your skin type, and suggest the proper products for you based on your skin type.   If you are not one of my clients, then, you will want to start seeing an aesthetician and you’ll want to see one at least every season.  You’ll need a facial for all four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Your skin more than likely will change with the weather.  However, if you invest in the wrong products for your skin type, it will throw off your pH levels and it will take a professional longer to get them back in balance.


We’re in Fall, but headed into Winter, so your skin will get dryer and the skin cells will build-up.  This is when you’ll want to exfoliate.  It’s okay to exfoliate daily as long as you vary your exfoliants.  You may do so by using a light enzyme, a light acid, and a light manual scrub.  If you don’t know what I am talking about or you’re not familiar with these terms, please either leave comments or contact us directly.

*Side note: For those who are pregnant – since the skin is sensitive and even more-so with a little one inside you – you will want to exfoliate with brown sugar.


You’ll want to apply the proper moisturizer.  If you have oily skin – please avoid using an oil-based moisturizer and make sure you get a water-based moisturizer.  If you have dry skin, use a more emollient moisturizer.  However, if you don’t know your skin type, please contact us and we will help you schedule a consultation to get the answers to your questions and take care of your needs.

I hope this was helpful.  For more information about our new soaps, check out our previous blogs: Anti-aging Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap,  Sleepy Thyme Soap Soothes Slumber, and Our “Yoni Love” Soap is Drawing His Attention

For help with determining your skin type, to schedule a virtual consultation, or to inquire about other services we offer, please feel free to contact us. You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at estheticsbypbrown@yahoo.com. 

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Milk And Roses Moisturizing Cleanser

Hey tribe, I have finally done it.  Done what? You may be asking…

I created a face cleanser with roses, milk and froth.  I’m so excited about this cleanser.  I’ve personally been using this cleanser for about a year now.  It took me about a year to get the consistency just right.  So, I’m going to be honest, this isn’t what you buy at the dollar store or drug store and if you’re a client or part of the tribe, you know, every product with my name on it starts in my kitchen, before it goes to our lab in Canada and… I did it!

How to use the Milk & Roses Moisturizing Cleanser

This is the easiest, it only requires 2 things to get that all over glow and to be clear, we are doing this because Fall is here.  I don’t care what your calendar says.  If you notice, it’s getting dark at 6:30PM, mosquitos have come out, and the pollen count is high.  As far as I’m concerned, Fall has arrived.  As far as your skin is concerned, Fall is here.  

The 2 things you need:

  • your pore cricket which is your silicone exfoliator
  • your cleanser

How to apply the Milk & Roses Moisturizing Cleanser

You are going to literally run water over your pore cricket and swirl it around in your cleanser.  The container is so big that this soap is going to last you a long time.  I want you to remember that this is a milk soap so you’ll not want to look for it to be too sudsy, it literally is a rose and milk cleanser and it’s going to feel like you are putting lotion on your skin. 

Once you swirl the pore cricket along the cleanser, you may have to apply a tiny bit of pressure, to get the pore cricket to pick up the cleanser.  Once you have cleanser on the pore cricket, you’ll want to gently scrub the entirety of your face with the pore cricket.  I use hot water whenever I do this.

You’ll want to apply the pore cricket to your face in a circular motion around your face, starting on one cheek and moving in a circular motion all the way around your face.  It’s not going to be foaming, and while cleaning your face with this cleanser, you may question if you are actually cleansing your skin.  The answer is: YES 

Many clients are used to that squeaky clean, feel, but with this cleanser, that’s not what you’re looking for.  After applying the cleanser all over your face, take a clean, wet towel, and wipe your face.  I think the scent of the goat milk and the rose petals is divine.

If you know me, you know I love a good cleanse.  This is really good for removing makeup.  Now, if you have a pore cricket, you’ll want to keep it sanitized.  I personally send mine through the dishwasher, but you can scrub it down, soak it in barbicide, whatever you choose.   Just keep it sanitized and keep it clean.  If you got it from us, it comes with its own clear case.  Slide it right back into that case when it’s not in use.

The contents of this Milk & Roses Moisturizing Cleanser

Goat milk – it allows a creamier consistency, it’s gentle on the skin, adds nourishment (vitamin A – anti aging and Selenium – helps prevent dry skin), includes AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acids) and therefore is a gentle exfoliant.  

Rose Petals – loaded with antioxidants, moisturizing and great for dry skin, has anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes redness.  It contains antidepressant effects therefore enhances your mood and has anti-aging effects.  

Here’s the thing, during Fall you pick up a lot of things; a lot of dirt and debris.  As the season changes, your skin changes and when you cleanse your skin, you want to know that you are  picking up that fuzz, and debris and removing it from your skin.  You also want to know that you are hydrating your skin (goat milk benefit).  

If you catch the video (on Instagram), you’ll see the large container for the cleanser; it will probably last you the entire Fall season, which at $45 (includes a pore cricket) it’s quite a deal.  Certainly make sure you order yours today.   

This is an amazing, beautiful product, and my clients will tell you, I’m all about selling product that will last that makes your skin feel hydrated.  I hope you love this cleanser as much as I do!

Please feel free to contact us with any of your skincare questions, to schedule a virtual consultation, or to inquire about other services we offer.   You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at estheticsbypbrown@yahoo.com. 

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Best Home Skin Care Tips by Skin Type

EBPB orange lips

Often times, what bothers women about their skin are issues that easily cost less than $100 to fix.  Most skin conditions stem from the need of a deep cleansing or a good exfoliation of the first the second layer of the dermis (skin).  That then allows a professional to thin out the stratum corneum.  Afterwards, all that is needed is a great home care routine to balance out the pH levels of her skin.


You’ll want to get a cleanser that has a pH of between 2.5 and 4.3.  Below are my recommendations based on your skin type:

  • Normal skin – you’ll need a mild cleanser.
  • Oily skin– look for a cleanser that contains Salicylic acid. 
  • Dry skin– look for a cleanser that contains a moisturizer or cream base as well as Lactic acid.
  • Combination skin – seek out a mild cleanser with Glycolic acid.
  • Sensitive skin – you need a cream-based cleanser so that it moisturizers your skin but contains no AHA’s.
  • Myelinated skin – you’ll need a cleanser that contains Hybrid Glycolic acid.

EBPB AA Skincare 2


Now let’s address moisturizers for your skin type.  If your skin type is…

  • Normal – you’ll want to look for a creamy moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic acid and Lactic acid.
  • Oily – your moisturizer should be water-based and more of a gel.
  • Dry – look for a cream based moisturizer (shea butter or jojoba oil) with either/and Urea, Lactic acid, Hyaluronic acid.
  • Sensitive + Combination – use a lightweight moisturizer with no acids in it.

Now, if you have acne prone or problematic skin, I would recommend using a toner such as Apple Cider Vinegar.  If you do not have problematic skin I recommend you using a Freshener such as Witch Hazel.  

You also will want to get a facial at least once a month by your aesthetician and that will allow her/him to type your skin and give you the best product recommendations for your skin.  Lastly, if you have more problematic skin your aesthetician can usually correct the problems by using mild to deep acids.

If you need help determining your skin type please feel free to schedule a virtual consultation with me and I will gladly assist you.

Please feel free to contact us with any of your skin care questions or to schedule a virtual consultation.  You may reach us by phone at (615) 884-6744 or by email at estheticsbypbrown@yahoo.com.

ebpb pb soc med


Also remember, we offer courses once every 3 months – that teach you how to deal with issues such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Hyperpigmentation, so please look at our events page on our Facebook and follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Snap Chat, and Instagram to see our upcoming classes, seminars, and videos.

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